Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sun shine = Inspiration

I have been debating whether of not to take the 365 day challenge but looking over some of the current challengers - I thought - I don't ever want to be so un-inspired that I take a picture of a scan disk...I love photography and I think HAVING to take a picture when you are just not inspired defeats the purpose and I just take when I feel like it and post when I find time ;0  The sun came out - finally and I love these simple pics of Taeya doing her homework.  I got a couple with the sun beams streaming across her.  With the flowers I placed the sun behind so I got the transparent petals.


Thanks Heather !

Look at that pink cloud!!!

'Mommy look at that pink cloud!!!!'  An extremely excited Paige yelled to me from the dinning room - 'Get your camera quick!"   I did as I was told ;)   I know the WB is off but that is how pink the cloud looked - too cool!

More Snow!!!!

Just when we thought the snow and winter was all done!!  This is what we came home to!!!!  More snow to come coupled with -14!!!!  

Jan 30 Sunset

It was the coolest sunset this evening, I raced out to capture these while my soup simmered on the stove.  I only had about 5 minutes to capture it!  I took the ISO down to 200 - even though it was darker - because I wanted the peach tones to really show through - and I wanted the mountain to just be black so it did not distract from the setting sun.  I shot with 1/800 SS and an aperture of f/5.6.   I think they turned out pretty nice!

Thanks for having a look.