Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birds & Bees

Today on my walk with Bentley we came across one of our neighbours trees full of nests!!   They have not been visible until now because the leaves have all fallen...... 3 birds nest and two bees nest!  One of the nests is as large as my head!  Quite spectacular!!

Family Research!

Tomorrow I also have a family session with the Sandhu Family.  I was originally planning on doing their shoot up Knox Mountain, however the gates are now locked for the winter session (I'm so glad I did my homework) so it would be a hike for all of they originally wanted their shoot today at 3:30...however sun sets at 3:44 right obviously that would not leave us much time ;-))   So I decided to take them to the beach and then walk along to the boardwalk.  

So here are a few sans family shots of what I'm planning......


Tomorrow I am doing a family session with the Heslop family.  Darren works with heavy machinery so Karen thought that would be an excellent spot for their family shoot.  Plus Jak their 2 1/2 year old LOVES trucks and tractors!  I went to check it out this morning...and I'm really looking forward to working with all of the heavy machinery!!   So stay tuned for the Heslop Family!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Niece's Advents

Pics courtesy of my amazing SIL, JP!  Here are my niece's advents....They are all very excited about this advent season!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advents are here!!

So it is advent time of the year...I'm so excited and have been very busy getting this ready for Taeya, Paige, Elizabeth & Megan.  So excited I wanted to post this a week ago but did not want to ruin the 'theme' surprise.

With the girls getting older I found it very hard to find useful and interesting trinkets for their I decided to create a new kind of advent!!!..........  The Scrapbook Advent Challenge!!

All of the girls love crafts and pictures!  So I thought what better then to have them each create 20 pages (they are only 6X6) throughout December.  On December 25th they will all bring their scrapbooks to dinner to see how different they all look!

Tomorrow they will open gift one, which contains:  1 6X6 scrapbook, 1 large pkg of printed 6X6 papers, an envelope filled of pictures of themselves, a glue stick, picture corners, letter stickers and the following letter.....

I know it is small here...but it reads...

OK Ladies, so here is the deal!!  This year I wanted to create a 'healthy' Christmas challenge.  I know how much you all love pictures and we are putting it all together in to one fun advent challenge.  10 of your advent days, you will open up your 'tool kit'.  It will contain enough material for two fun and funky 6X6 pages....that is the size of the book you have just opened.  The goal is to create all 20 pages in this book by Christmas which you will then bring it to dinner to share with everyone and have the chance to win a prize!   I have provided you each with an envelope of pictures where the subject, is of course, YOU!!!!   Some days you will get a day remember to stay on track and make sure you get it completed!!!
Don't Worry there is still fun gifts on most days too!!   Have Fun, Be Creative!!!  I can't wait to see your creations!!!!   XOXOXO

Their Tool Kits

The envelopes that all 4 girls will open on the same days will have the same, papers, punches, brads, etc....they must use part of every element in their envelope....but here is the thing girl... You have to be creative, use as little or as much of your envelope contents, think outside the box, pair it with other craft elements from around the house!!!  Make your book unique and stand out!!!

So I will post a few more fun days I have created as we get to them....I'm really looking forward to Dec 9th & Dec 10th!!!  I will also post the girls books when they are all done!

These are Taeya and Paige's advents set out to see in the morning ;-))

...I forgot to take pics of Elizabeth's and Megan' JP could you take a pic for me and email it over to add to this post, if they are out and under the tree ;-))

Our Honeymoon

Right after our wedding Ted and I ventured up to Vernon to Sparkling Hills Resort.  This Swarovski crystal infused Spa, is amazing.  Featuring over 3.5 million crystals it is absolutely stunning!!   It is 40,000 Square feet...walls lined with crystals, ceilings dripped with shimmer and shine, even the rooms have thousands of crystals!   If you ever have the chance to check it out you will be in awww!   Even if you just go up for a dinner....their food is amazing!!

Here are a few pics from our amazing stay!!!

The whole top part (incased in red wood) is full of crystals!

The view from our room

A woman must have designed this!!!   What an amazing place for a tub....however, a man must have chosen the glass!....yes other rooms can see in if you are not careful! ;-))

There are four different sets of Swarovski Crystal lights in the room...the blinding sparkly one in the front right, the ones that light the ceiling, the starry night row, in front of the balcony, and finally the light up sculpture incased in glass.   The room numbers also have 5 crystals imbedded into the plate!!!!

The starry took me a while to get this shot just right!!!

Our room Sculpture

Because of the elevation...the clouds roll thru frequently....quite neat to see, as long as they don't stay for long!

Huge chandeliers drip from every floor over the front entrance.

Can you believe it!

Hand rails on all of the stairs!

Our room sculpture during the day!

The dining room, all of the chairs are also studded with crystals.