Saturday, August 6, 2011


Beautiful Cassyus!!  We were having a garage sale today...and did more visiting then selling ;-))   Every time Cassyus is around..I can't help but grab the camera.  Her beautiful blue eyes, pouty lips and button nose!!   She should be on the cover of a magazine!! Enjoy!!   Kelowna children photography

Kelowna Children Photography

Friday, August 5, 2011

The girls meet Bentley!

The girls are surprised...Bentley arrived early...and brought them to tears.  We are all so happy!!  XOXO Bentley!!!

My new Love!!

Here is the newest addition to our family...and we are so in love.  The sleeping is sparse, the howling is almost unbearable...but he is sleeping at this current moment so I'm able to do a post or two!!  This morning I took him to explore a close by pond....he was so cute, fighting with all the weeds!!  HE IS VERY TOUGH ;-))!!!  He took a careless step (which are very common as his paws are huge and he trips all over them) and rolled down into the ponds which he blamed his wet back on the pond and let out a ferocious ;-)) bark!!

He is 7 weeks and 3 days and full of priceless moments...I'll need to dig out the video camera!!   Here for his photography and blogging debut is BENTLEY!!!

So it is true!!!   You do sleep!!!