Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Rascals !

Dean & Nancy's daughter Katie is moving away this for a going away party, we ventured to the Little Rascals Petting Zoo!!!!  and had the most amazing time!!!  Here are a few photos of are very fun moments!

WHAT!!!   You want more????.....OK.....

Has anyone else seen a picnic like this?   Or is this just Nancy?  ;-))

Yes I said NO

OK so picnic aside is this not the cutest couple ever???

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jennifer & Terence are engaged!!!

We had such a fun time on this engagement session!  Such a different shoot - a mix of in and out, a play on lighting and fun at The View Winery!!  Such an great couple!  Jennifer has been an absolute dream to work with, and I can't wait until you all get to see her AMAZING dress!!!!

You will have to wait until the beginning of October, for this fall wedding reveal....and can you already see the wedding with her gorgeous red hair?....I can ;-))))

Gavin & Crew!!

I had such a great time with this family!!!   Gavin who is three with his mom Christi, Then Christi's sister and her two children Oliver and Veronica.

We played on swings, hid behind trees, ran on piers and sand, up & down hills and crossed bridges.  At the end Christi gave all the kids gigantic lollipops!!

What a fun time, Thanks a lot guys!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gavin Enjoying....

...his pink lollipop!!   What else did Gavin enjoy??...I will show you tomorrow!

Little Jackson Peter

Danielle & Danny's original due date for their new little man (which Danielle predicated) was June 3rd - then finally on June 16th - after being induced, Jackson Peter arrived at 8:02am weighing in at 7lbs & 14oz!

Danny is a hockey goalie so he brought his glove - which turned out to be my favourite photo of the session!! ...and is the last one featured here....  I can't wait to see little Jackson in 6 months ;-))

Thanks for taking a look, at this gorgeous little family....and at only 10days new - doesn't he look like such a little man already?!!!


 The love for their new little man!

 The love for each other!!

 Just chill'n on dad's arm!

 I love how he is grabbing on mom's shirt here ;-))

Does anyone else see a heart??? ;-))


Angela & Cameron's Wedding

I can't say enough great things about this amazingly relaxed bride!  She was so calm, caring and loving to all around her, and it shows in her photos!  I had such a great time with this family!!

Here are a few more of her very wet wedding day!!

Getting Ready at Cream Hair & Makeup Lounge

The end result - so gorgeous!

Groom, Father of the groom, brothers and best man enjoying a celebratory scotch!

The view from the bride's room at the Lakeshore Inn Resort in Kelowna, BC

The rings on the edge of a dripping wet chair arm!  

Angela & her father sharing a heart touching moment before heading down the isle.