Friday, October 14, 2011


These are the rest that I will post of Christina - just a few more of my fav's!!  We changed outfits and locations, so I had lots of material!

Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful woman, in pregnancy at it's best!!

Ok for my last post of the night!  I love these moments...I know I have a lot I love..but come on can you blame me...have you ever seen such a gorgeous pregnant woman!!   I love the ones of just Christina's face...those eyes..commercial grade??

Giovanni...mommy is awaiting your arrival!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

You have to try it!!!

This recipe was top notch....Pork with blueberry sauce easy and tasty!!!  The first dinner of my Freezer clean out challenge....I have to be honest I was worried about the blueberry sauce being to husband and I are both on the salty, spicy ;-) side....rather then the sweet side!   Anyways...that aside...It was not too was amazing...Tasty and Salutary!!!   Try it out!!

This pot is a very helpful cooking tool!  I don't sell that is not my reason for promoting it... however, it is great for measuring, boiling down, straining...etc...also the handle does not get hot...even over gas!!!   It is the Epicure Multi-Purpose Pot!!

            Have fun...Experiment...Remember...a recipe is only a suggested guideline! ~ Heather Rippel

Isn't this the most amazing rust wall you have ever seen!!!!   My vision for this shoot was the big brothers looking out for baby Giovanni!!!  I love the way it turned out....the sun was just it was a little strong, but if it was not the wall wouldn't have looked quite as amazing!!

I'm sure Jeff & Christina will love these family least until I can get some of all 5 of them in the flesh!! ;-))

XOXO you guys!!!

Look what my Hubby brought me home!!!!

Two of my fav' and hot sauce...what more can a girl ask for!!!   Seriously I can not get enough of this hot sauce!!....and now this brand of Sambal Oelek seems to be only available once in a while....hence the reason Ted got me the only bottles in the store...he has been looking for 3 days!!....should last me a week or so ;-))

Anyways tonights Freezer Clean up Challenge continues, with pork medallions and a blueberry sauce.  This recipe I found at  I have not tried any of their recipes before but this was the one I thought sounded the best when I typed in my ingredients.  Looks like a great blog....that I'm sure I will return to!!

I'll let you know how it turns out shortly.....I will also be pairing with local fingerling potatoes and organic tri-colour carrots!!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Next up...The nursery!

As the house was not ready I couldn't get the nursery shots I wanted....However, I wanted to get some of the lime green background.  I had planned for some silhouette shots, but the sun wasn't in the right position while we were at the house...we were planning on being there later when the sun wasn't so harsh...however, as I have learned...the hard way...the sun is usually harsh in AZ!! ;-))

Christina has chosen lime green and chocolate brown for the will look amazing and I can't wait to see it!!  Plush monkeys, giraffes and lions, accompany espresso furniture, that I'm sure little Giovanni will sleep soundly in!

I got this butter soft blanket at the Kelowna Farmers Market, by the artisan Bebe D'or ..but Denise is better reached by phone @ 250-769-7182!!

Absolute Bliss

This is my favourite one on the roof top!  I love the serene look in expression.  The sun hitting her face and belly so warming!!

All 3 boys!!

I love this picture of the boys in front of Christina's baby belly!  I didn't see the rainbow until I got them home on the computer....a sweet omen?

An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change.[1] 

                                                                     Kyle      Giovanni       Dylan

We are waiting for you.....

Stairwell to raise a family

I love this stairwell in Jeff and Christina's house!  I definitely wanted to take a few pics of the family...imagine what those stairs will see.  The gateway from their rooms to their hub!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's Fav's

Here are a few of my fav's today!  Looking for places to shoot my next grad!   i love the warm colours that fall has to offer, but still want the trendy 'Simply 17' feel!  So I went to the old railroad district to get a few ideas.

 This last one is at Mission Creek Park, not quite in full fall colours!

Red Pepper, tomato Soup

You can't go wrong with soup!!   I never use a recipe for my soups...I simply follow the same steps, it doesn't matter what ingredients, or flavours I use.  Soups are tasty, healthy, full of flavour and most of all easy!!

Choose your flavour, squash, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, chicken....the possibilities are endless!!!   Oven roast your veggies, with S&P, garlic and any other seasonings you enjoy.  Roast for 45min at 325'

Chop up 1-2 large onions, saute with minced garlic.  Once soft and flavours have combined add in whatever oven roasted veggies you have prepared. 
Add in stock, and any other seasonings...remember to taste and don't add to much salt...this is an easy one for each person to add individually...simmer, slightly cool, then emulsify!!
Presto!!  Tasty, homemade, heart healthy soup!!!
In my Freezer Clean out Challenge...I had a whole bag of organic, baby bell peppers, and a clamshell of blusher tomatoes....I had purchased right before a trip...and could not let them go to waste.  Tomatoes and peppers are only good in soups and sauces ie: spaghetti sauce, or other simmered dishes, after they have been defrosted.

I took them out of the freezer last night and let them defrost in the fridge over night.  This morning I chopped of the tops of the peppers, and de-seeded.  If you are using large, non-organic peppers you may want to remove the skins, before or after roasting.  I de-stemed the tomatoes, and deheaded the garlic.  I then placed them all on a cookie sheet drizzled with EVOO, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper.  Roasted at 325' for 45min.  

I turned off the oven and left for yoga!

When I returned I chopped and sauteed 1 large onion, with 4 shallots.  I then added in roasted garlic bulbs and roasted veggies....sauteed together to let flavours infuse.
Next I added a carton of Campbell's low sodium Chicken Broth, and let simmer for 30min, let cool slightly, pureed and enjoyed!!!!