Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pathetic Poppy

My mom had requested that I take photos of a poppy...for one of her friends.  Which is why I went on the search to Elysium, where I found none!   On the drive home I spotted this pathetic little poppy holding on to its overdue an un-photographable I picked it to photograph at home.  However, on the way home, the car was hot, it got flattened by the camera bag, it then got squished into a water bottle...which stayed up right with a little bit of water in the bottom...until I went to bring it inside, and the bottle fell...  you get the just, of this poor poppy and the photos!  ;-)

Water drops

This was just from the sprinkler...that was on while this was taken...that is why there is drops 'flying' in the picture as well.

Make a Wish

Tried to get a picture of dropping my penny into the asian gardens wishing bowl...a little hard to do both so it is not the clear...but I still think it is a neat shot.

Hung to Dry!

While I was at Elysium, I stopped at there information the middle of the grounds a beautiful rustic tiny little building.  Where they also hang flowers to dry from the ceiling!  Too cute!

Ty and the Red Barn

I took a few pictures of Ty yesterday!   Love the ones in front of his red barn!  Ty has many faces that I managed to serious!!   I also changed two of them a little bit sepia...they just felt vintage to me!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A bouquet of colours!

Dusty Peach Rose

I ventured to the Elysium Flower Garden was stunning.  I took lots of photos of flowers, bees and butterflies so I will post a few of my favourites!   The colours are amazingly vibrant and the selections!!...It looks like I have enough for a crayon box!!

These first few are my favourites...the peach rose still wet from the morning rain!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fav's of the Day

These are my two favourites of the day...I love the way the water looks, the colour, and clarity and the drop of water suspended on mama's beak!

4 of a kind!

Strong Roots...

A root in water...WOW!!...especially in sand!...It is like a marriage, hard to hang on to!, can get a little slippery...BUT, SO WORTH THE EFFORT!!!!!

The Cutest Duckling...

I really could't chose between the 4 which was the cutest...but there was a poor duckling...not featured with the four, that got left behind...scared, panicked, wet and dare I say...ugly ;-((  Not really because they are all beautiful...but he was the one left behind ;-)

Monday, July 11, 2011

How could I be asked?...

How could you even ask me to choose???   There is something in each photo that every duckling has their moment to be 'in focus'

Squirrel or Badger??!!!

These are seriously two of the largest squirrels (or as my sister would say...after living in NY..." cute outfits")!   They were so massive that, as I was trying to be at peace with this area and my camera...I was startled and thought there was a cougar in the bush!!!!  Seriously the camera cannot capture there massive size, and ferocious presence!!!   Anyways yes I was shocked that it was only a squirrel!!!

What would Freud say?....

I wish I took a photo of what it will look like when it has matured...but for now it looks like a wasp with his head deep in a search for pollen....anyone else want to provide their interpretation???


The reason for an Okanagan Allergy!!!   The cotton woods are in full blown seed mode...which means that their fluffy white 'cotton-like' puffs catch the breeze, which enables them to be blown long distances before settling anywhere an allergy may be present!  he he  ahhh chou!!