Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Cake!

Val made a beautiful red velvet cake, garnished with white rose buttercream icing...absolutely delicious.  The cake was surrounded by dozens of perfectly iced, silver wrapped cupcakes.  Deep fresh purple lavender added the final touches to the plate.

I Know...

I Know...this is not the best photograph....I'm sure my Mom (holding the camera) got it better....I just love Tanya's excitement on her face...looking at the delights Val Varney...clearly a true artist at her craft... had created for her!!!  There is plenty more cake/cupcake/(the most amazing dessert table I have ever seen) pictures still to come... ;-)  So please check back....

A True Fisherman!

Dave has been a fisherman since the age of 3, professional at the age of 13, and then retired at the age of just for fun...we could not take the fishery out of the man..hence the location.  We borrowed rods from a fellow fisher passing by!  Dave, did not realize we had grabbed them as a prop!!, let down the line and the photo shoot - went to the fish!!!!   We had to reel him back into reality, that we were at their wedding and needed one or two more photos!!  Tanya...bless her heart....just said imagine the look on his face when he catches one!!!   Pardon the pun...but this is one fish neither of them could throw back in....Absolutely Perfect for one another!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Love is in the Air!!!

I love this picture of Tanya!!  surrounded by her girls and so happy in LOVE!!!

The Ceremony

David and Tanya got married with beautiful bay windows letting sunshine flood in behind them, which although amazingly beautiful, a photographers nightmare!!!  I had to be sneaky with out being to interruptive to get a few 'intimate' shots.


We all crammed into a tiny, dimly lit, blue and peach hotel room, so the photo-opps were challenging!  Love these ones of Tanya getting her make-up on.   We then loaded her up and off we went!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Juicy Strawberries

I thought I would take a little break from wedding posting and go pick our strawberries in the backyard with the girls.....Yummy!!!  It has been so long since I have had a strawberry that tastes like a strawberry ;-)

The Dress

Tanya's dress was amazing, off white, strapless ball gown that she simply glowed in!  Complete with a veil trailing from her curled side do and a beautiful feathered flower in her hair!  3 diamond buttons completed this fairy tale gown.

The Ring Pillow

My mom made this beautiful damask pillow...Then we used a green spider mum and cream rose to accent, the colours of the wedding were fresh lime green and deep purple...I love the end results!

The Rings!

After setting up the venue...I went on search for a purple starfish...with no success!  My Husband and daughters were at the beach, so I hoped that they would find one for me.  When I called they said that they had just left the beach and were headed back to the hotel with lunch.  I asked if they had seen any starfish, so that I could have a narrowed search.  Taeya and Paige yelled in the background....we have a starfish!! to which I replied...IS IT PURPLE???   "Yes Mommy..." Paige answered!  Wow what are the chances!!!!!   Sorry to those of you who are upset that we removed a starfish from the ocean...but we did return him to his home right away!

LeBarron Wedding Tables

Here are the tables at my brother's wedding, Just the perfect amount of colour!