Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gloria & Steven

...I'm not sure where to begin!!!   I have worked with this couple for almost a year to help create a day that they would be proud of to invite many different walks of their lives to, but more importantly I wanted to work together, and create a wedding.  A day full of the most purest of love that I have seen!

This couple has had more turmoil in life, at such young ages, then most of us can imagine in a whole lifetime.   However, on the other side, they have blessed, and been blessed, with so many amazing people in their lives just by reaching out and telling their struggle.

Gloria and Steven are the most deserving of couples to have such an amazing day!  The ceremony was full of love, tears and laughter....not necessarily in that order.   Those of you who were there to witness this amazing testament of love know what I am referring to!   For everyone else reading this blog, I will respect the privacy of the bride and groom, and just say if you were there you would have cried at so many things, laughed at a few more, and loved every moment!!!    You would have asked yourself WHY??  More times then you would ever care to, ... but you would have also said "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON"  The reason isn't always clear....but it will lead you on the most amazing journey in life!!!

This life, their life, their LOVE!!!

This couple represents every inspiring quote....Here are a few that come to my mind...

Rise from the ashes
Sore with all you have
everything happens for a reason
if you are handed lemons, make lemonade
something about a stick and a snake...;-))
Take the first don't have to walk the whole path....alone

But most importantly this couple will follow .....

Do not go where the path has been, create a path that is all your own, in love and trust, create your new path, and live it to the best of your ability, and fulfill it beyond your dreams!!!

ANYWAYS!!!    Here are a few photos!