Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little shack in Dateland

On the way from Phoenix to San Diego, Ted spotted this amazing decrepit building on the side of the highway just outside of Dateland AZ.  So on the way home I wanted to make sure we stopped to get a few know I have a love for old things ;-))

This was a little hitch-hiker we had on the way out of the desert back to the highway.

Buttercup Sand dunes

On the way from San Diego back to Phoenix, we stopped off at these amazing dunes to have a little fun in the sand!  Beautiful scenery.

Baby & Son number 4!

A mother so in LOVE with every man in her life!!  4 boys and then her main man Jeff!  I adore, honour, cherish and look up to this soon to be mother of 4 boys.  Her patience, love and adoration for her family reminds me of my mom and her love for all or us!!!   XOXO  Christina, & Jeff, I can't wait until you welcome your new son 'vinnie' into the world....I wish I could be here.