Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gabby & Mimi!

OMGoodness, OMGoodness, OMGoodness!   If I could ever have the pleasure of shooting not only a gorgeous couple but a gorgeous story this would take the cake.   
Gabby had arranged the perfect day to propose to ‘his wife to be’....hopefully;-)  The Australian sun was shinning bright, dinner and drinks were taken care of....and Mimi looked stunning......(for this to happen she just had to show up ;-))  A gorgeous girl housing a more amazing spirit!   
Gabby bent down at sunset to propose to the woman he adored so much.  He had made the decision to intertwine every part of her being with his. 
Mimi took no time to announce her dedicating love to this amazing man...with a YES!
Gabby’s reply......please turn around so we can get married RIGHT NOW!!   Gabby’s grandmother was their flower girl.  Gabby had the alter, bouquet and judicator arranged!!   Probably the most romantic.....risky......brave!  story I have ever heard!   They got married on a beautiful Australian beach, with the sun setting in the background...., just minutes after their engagement. 
Melanie’s (Mimi’s) mom asked me to capture the love between them that she can see in her daughters eye, but can only imagine from afar! 

To capture their love in a 20 minute session was not a difficult task at all!  The passion that burned was stronger then the winds that blew.
I had a very humbling, gratifying time. 

 Gabby and Melanie are ‘vacationing’ from Australia, and with all the snow, slate, hail, pouring rain, and glimpses of sun, they still were game to venture out to get these!
We planned for the Goose Spit Beach....however, with hurricane winds, that was not the ideal spot ;-)   So we headed to a nearby forest to hide out from the extreme Island weather!