Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Family amongst the dandelions!

It was my mother in laws birthday party yesterday...so the Rippel side of the family was all together - so photo opportunity presented!   I wanted to do a Mothers day Mini in the cherry orchards, but to many un-expecteds came up...so I have it written down for next year - and my spot picked....however, If I fall behind this is an amazing family photo location...plus my in-laws are very kindly storing my most beautiful couch while we get ready to list our home ;- D  I'm very happy because that means a new studio to accommodate my rapidly growing business - THANK YOU to you all!!!

I also wanted family shots - Thank you to my SIL behind the lens - making it all work out!  XOXO

Also Jan (my SIL) and I did not plan all of the kids to be in B&W - I planned our family to be in B&W but did not let Jan know....and look at what we all showed up in ;-D