Friday, February 25, 2011

My Beautiful Blue Baby...

Ted has amazing eyes, fortunately for all of us, the girls are a spitting image of him!!!  Beautiful blue eyes, that I can't resist!

This shoot was so cold ~ -20 so we only had 5 minutes, the sun was setting ~ which is what I was after...however, we caught it a little to late to get Taeya's eyes to really Pop!!!   Please stay tuned...that is why the toque was purchased.....I will get the photo I'm after sooner then later ;-)

The Snaggle!!


You have been a big part of two years,
I had offers to pull you out by my ears

You were loose when we were in Maui,
but we all waited for "holy Cowi!"

It didn't matter what I did when I  bit into an apple
you always made me feel quite mellow

but alas it was your time,
and I did get more then just a dime.

you hung on with all your power
and now you will be a part of an amazing tower.

Heather and daddy are sold
because I was so incredibly BOLD!!

Please except this very special piece of our history  and do not keep my tooth a mystery!!!

- Taeya I am so proud of you!!!!  FINALLY after more then two years THE SNAGGLE (Aunty JOY's nickname)  has been released!!!   

Dad's and My favourite saying is..."EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON"!!  so your tooth needed to hang in? ~ it may not make sense now...but please remember EVERYTHING ALWAYS HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!

I love you~ My beautiful Amazing Step-daughter!!!  You are special beyond belief!!!

A tiny bird...

I had my eye on this guy for a full two the time I finally got him in my sites/lens...he hopped away!!!!  But to cute not to post?!?

My 1st Moon Attempt

It is an intimidating shoot for sure...THE MOON..what did I have to work with?  -17 degrees!   No light! - obvious,  PATIENCE...which...Hello is not my specialty!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ty is such a charismatic little guy - I had so much fun on Gyro beach with him...The amazing personality, and with every look his face changes to resemble more of mama or daddy!   To Cute!  XOXO Ty

                                                           Oh the places you will go!!!.........

Jessica & Baby

Here are a few of my favourites from my girlfriends maternity shoot yesterday!  I love the glow...I will post a few more when I have a look at the rest.

A few shots of town

Shots of town...The clouds looked to perfect to be real.  I think the third photo here looks more like a painting then a photograph.
The last one, I couldn't resist, my car being the only white one in the pack, I thought it looked so neat.

Pampas Grass

Canadian Geese

The Canadian Geese are back in town...which although a nuisance it is a good sign of spring!

A Single Molting Cattail

This is one of my favourite photos of the day, the sun hit this molting cattail perfectly.  I love the composition, colouring and the sharpness of the single cattail against the mellowed background.

Thanks for taking a look!

Deck Frost & Ice

I thought since the frost and ice is here to stay for a while longer...I would make the best of it, and try and capture what it is that we enjoy...for the first couple of months!   The frost was so thick and icy covering the bridge deck...there is something very magical about the sun glistening off of it.

The Common Duck

The Common Duck, has the most amazing colours - although they were constantly on the go, I managed to get a few in just the right light.  These photos were taken downtown at the bird sanctuary.  The beak on the first duck, has been severely damaged.  I love the feet on the third duck, and I couldn't leave out the female, sitting along the muddy shore line, keeping warm.

Spots of Colour

Spots of colour in a long white winter...The stark spots of red are so nice to see with all the snow, brown and blue!  Winter please make way for spring!  

Chestnuts & Curly Willows

The chestnuts have so much texture right now, they are so fun to photograph!

The curly willow shots were taken after the frozen rain storm, the blue sky is reflected in the drops - if you look closely!