Saturday, October 22, 2011

The last Few...

These are the last few I love from the day!!   Next up...Newborn Tyson!

Downtown Grunge

I love the walls we found downtown...all though Kelowna isn't that old we still got some of the old city feel!!  I love the deep reds, the brick, and the cracked walls!   Enjoy

An Umbrella

Under the umbrella!  

Hanging on the Railroad

For the older girls shoot, I wanted it to be funky and industrial..and they wanted it to be totally different from the younger girls!  So I took them up to the train tracks, they were very happy with the setting, and showed it in these photos!

An Autumn Rain

Today Elizabeth, Taeya and I, went out and about for a photo shoot!  It was Megan's birthday last week and so it was the older girls turn for photos!!  We found some great spots and got amazing photos!!  Although not in order this is our rainy afternoon photos!   I couldn't I chose my Fav's ;-)) !!  These two girls are just growing into a beauty of their own, while sharing moments together...that only best friends can!

I wanted to get a few of all the models together!!  Headed up by Kaylie Brooke!! This crew was so much fun!!  The last pics of the boots are on Kaitlyn!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011