Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winter Photo Walk

Ted and I went for a winter photo walk this morning!   The sun decided to TRIED to peak out for just over an hour...and I needed to get out and take something that was inspiring...I was hoping for a new bud, some green, some colour of some sort, but alas, Winter is still very apparent in Kelowna.

However later in the day we spotted flocks of Canadian Geese, which means we are getting close.  We also saw a mag-pie collecting sticks for a spring must be in the air....I can't wait!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Everyone has always said I'm an old soul...I agree 100%.  Here is one of my favourite corners in the house...My record player, with my sepia family photos and roman numeral clock.  I love taking a glass of red wine down and just listening to my records...there is nothing quite like it.


These are my favourite pair of blue suede shoes...I will definitely try another shoot - but thought I would post these anyway....The red ones are the ones I was wearing to work that paige jumped in to...I wanted her tulle skirt in it time

Texture - Feb 10th

Today's Topic...Texture, I thought, exposed aggregate has texture, tree bark, snow piles...etc...This is what I ended up with and Love it...Let's see if how the votes pan out?!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day Dinner!

We had an early Valentines day dinner - because we got the girls WII Dance Party and Ted and I really wanted to play ;)  

On the Menu this evening...Cranberry and Flax bagel stuffed Cornish game hens, oven roasted yams, roasted carrots and sauteed spinach...YUM YUM!!


The many faces of Paige, a beautiful girl with a whole lot of personality.  I get a lot of great photos of her...because she is so used to the camera she usually ignores it, which I feel makes for a more natural, relaxed photo!   Whatever you do don't start you kid off with 'say cheese' will take you a long time to break the habit!

The Ice Tower

This amazing structure is the newest entertainment at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna.  It is used with a harness and two ice pics, you also have spikes strapped to your shoes.  The climb is exhilarating..(so I was told ;))   I took a few pictures of Paige in front of the massive tower, to allow everyone to imagine just how impressive it was.

The Steller Jay Stealer

This Stellar Jay, came in for our left over waffles while on our ski trip up Mt.Washington.  You have to love a gutsy bird when you are trying to get a great shot!


I caught a quick picture of two doves having a 'chat' at the bistro set early this cute.  I love how they are both on their own side of the table above the chairs!

Snow, Snow and More Snow...when will it stop??

The snow in Kelowna started early November - it is now early February and it is still coming down, we went up the hill to take advantage of the 2' of fresh snow that fell up there....But needless to stay, it is time for the snow to go...Please!!!

The Spit - Vancouver Island

These are a few pics of my beautiful girls beach combing with their Nana!   I love this last one of Taeya, with the back lighting.  We got to the beach a little late in the day...and just missed the sun, but I managed to sneak in a few shots before darkness and the extreme cold hit us all!
It is amazing how hard it is to push a little camera button when your fingers have been gloveless on the beach for 30minutes.

Thanks for having a boo!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mt Washington Ski Shots

These pictures are from the top of Mt.Washington - they are with the point and shoot - but amazing photos just the same.  These are taken 2 days after the 6ft dump of snow that blessed the ski hills in the Comox Valley.