Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flooded out!

So Angela has to be the best bride ever!!!   Talking to another wedding planner the next day - dealing with a bridezilla!! - I had to sit back and smile!   As my bride was SO amazing!!!   With everything that could go wrong - did go wrong!!!   Terrential rain during an outdoor ceremony is never a plus!!   However, when it is paired with a slippery grass slope, a forgotten marriage license, a lost driver, forgotten music (so total silence during the ceremony), the brides mom's red satin dress was so wet it looked like she just enjoyed a slip and slide!!!   Then there were the photos....if the rain wasn't dripping on all of our faces it was creeping up our ankles as we waded through what would have been a grassy park, a sidewalk, a road....that is right RECORD RAINFALL and FLOODING for Kelowna!!!  UGH!  We finish our photos and get to the hall, the cake has been dropped, the music not cued, there is no cork screw in site!!!!  What do we do!!!  The Bride carries on as if all is going as planned!!  AMAZZING!!!!

Amazing Bride - Amazing Wedding, and all made for amazing photos!!!   If you get a with a flood!

And Enjoy - after all - a wedding is about LOVE, RESPECT and COMPROMISE!   These two should get a year off of all that is difficult in lue of this day!   ;-))))

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fun Love ! with Steven & Gloria

I automatically fell in love with this amazing couple!  Their story is like no other!  Their lives a hurricane of wrongs, misfortune, and hope that something soon will change!  

They are so much fun...going against everything that is 'normal'   They are in love!  Getting married on a Tuesday!  So today we had a 10 minute shoot!  Such a fun time...and I wish I could have joined for breakfast at Mad Mango with them!!

Here are a few very Fun shots!

Early Birth!

So thank goodness we took the photos when we did!!!   Lisa gave birth 6 weeks early to Hayden Bentley Suter! 5 lbs, 13 oz's   He is already a week old and I can't wait to meet this little man, however a minimum of two weeks will keep me and the lens away from capturing this precious little guy!!!