Saturday, August 13, 2011

See you in A Week

We are headed off, and don't know if I will have see you in a week!!

Kelowna Children Photographer

Tutus and Pearls

My girlfriend made me this beautiful butter cream and white tutu for photo shoots.  She will be selling them as well, they are so cute and adjustable in sizes.  I purchased this beautiful pearl necklaces to go with the shoot.  Unfortunately it was extremely sunny, without shade in site, when I tried to get a few shots (in 1 minute) of her beautiful Ella in it.

Kelowna Children Photography

Friday, August 12, 2011

The back alley

Our final photo shoot of the day was in a back alley, I wanted to have a dramatic background for Megan's flirty shirt.  Hope you have all enjoyed our day of photos!

Kelowna Children Photography

My new Trike!

So here I am in a bidding war...for an old tricycle!!  I lost, as the bid was already at $80 and I knew this baby had nothing but a lot of work and of course some red paint, and was only about 6 years old!
 I was over at my SIL's house the other night telling my sob story, when she informed me that her hubby had a tricycle I could possibly borrow.   My BIL said that I could have it!!!
His childhood tricycle... a beauty!!  It even has a curly horn...and you should hear that thing roar!                    I promise I will treat it well and it won't just sit collecting dust!!.

Perhaps, I took a few to many but really who doesn't love a good trike!!  And once love for vintage shines through!!   Enjoy these and I promise I will get some motion pics soon! ;-))  Thank you Darren!!!

Kelowna Photography

Every wardrobe needs some SPARKLE!!

Meg's and her love of glitter, sparkle and fun!!!

Kelowna Photography Simplicity

Let's Monkey Around!

The girls, got changed at lunch in to their 'second' wardrobe!  We debated where we should go..we wanted to go down by the dolphins for the flower background we could enjoy...the boardwalk...etc.   However, the girls wanted to have their fun where they were, play in the trees and grab an ice cream cone!!  So that is exactly what we did...lets monkey around in the trees!!!

Mommy...there is a bee!!  Crazy that I caught it in the photo!!!

Kelowna Children Photography

A little Jewel

I love Megan's love of jewellery!  If that ring could be front and centre for each picture it would have!!  Megan's ring was a perfect accent to lunch when we arrived at Earls for a quick lunch break and wardrobe change!!  We went to have lunch on the patio..the sun was shinning, temperature was rising past it's current 32'  and the amazing staff at Earls had mint, lemon water served in champagne glasses.  Megan walked right up to the front desk grabbed a glass looked the hostess straight in the eye and said "thank you for this amazingly refreshing glass of water!" was so cute!  Then Megan ordered "an absolutely DEVINE burger"...Ok I know I said Paige should be on Kids say the darndest things...but it must run in the family..because OMGoodness!!!!!

Kelowna Children Photography

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Take another step with me!

The girls wanted to climb to the top of these of course I agreed with the optimism that there would be a great photo opportunity (and of course they would have fun ;-)))

Kelowna Children Photography

Vandalism? Or Beauty?

Expression as Vandalism is how Wikipedia describes graffiti.  And all though I do not agree with, condone or encourage graffiti, it made for a beautiful backdrop!  These two beauties did not need any more accents, with all the personality exuberating in every image!!

Kelowna Children Photography

Let me tell you a little secret!

“Best friends understand when you say forget it. Wait forever when you say just a minute. Stay when you say leave me alone. And open the door before you can say come in.”

I love these pictures...of best friends sharing a moment!  A secret? A love? of Boys? Gossip???  
Only these two beauties know!!?!

Kelowna Children Photography