Friday, November 18, 2011

Angel Wings!!

A picture is worth a 1000 words!!!!

A Quitter?

So I feel a little bit like a quitter....I start my freezer challenge...which got delayed by our 10 day stay in AZ, then my trip to the Island!!!    So my brother came over last night, and checked....I'm making progress!  I will get back on track...BTW (by the way)  I pulled out chicken breasts and pineapple to make a dish, pork loins,  ground turkey and the left over rouladen (not sure if that was on the original list).  Although I haven't given up on this quest it has hit a few road blocks!  

....Then I plan to get the house decorated!!   However WII took over and I had 10 assignments to get caught up on... to which I completed 6 this evening!   Plus I talked to my Nan - 3 times XOXOXO, and Jes came for an hour visit!!

I'm only human....the house is coming along and I will have to have all the decorations completed by 10am tomorrow so I can go grocery shopping and then get prepped for my dinner party ;-))

AAAHHH....Please stop Snowing!!!!!

Although you are beautiful, you are time consuming and stressful ;-))

My Day!!

My Day....The girls and I awoke at 7am.....we headed out to take Bentley for his morning duties....and to shovel the 8 cm's from our driveway!!!!   The girls had breakfast while I finished and then we headed to school....over the treturous roads!   When I arrived home at 10am...I shovelled another 7 cm!!!    I then cautiously headed out, after loading up the truck snow tires and get them put on the truck...when I arrived at "tire shop-will not mention"  Their mechanic had cut off his thumb and was obviously unable to change my I headed back up the hill with my glazed doughnuts!!!  To again shovel another 6 cms!!!!   Do you know how frustrating it is to shovel 6 cms from every sq inich of your only feel like you should start all over again!!!   I DOO!!!!

Here are a few pics of the 10am shovel!!!

So Perhaps....

So perhaps I put a little to much on my plate....Uncle Dave and Aunty Tanys came around 7:30, then we had dinner....full tummy's full of spaghetti didn't feel like instead we decided to WII Dance Party 2 ?????  (I'm not sure how that is easier on the belly....but way more fun!!!!!   Uncle Dave and T-dawg rocked it out!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pre Decor Photos!!!

So here we are at 6:15pm....we have taken our photos and started to haul out all of our bins of Christmas Decor!!   I have started a huge pot of spaghetti on the stove, even though the girls are on their second snack since 2:45 ;-))  Homework, laundry and cleaning is done! Driveway is shovelled...along with our neighbours, dog has been walked, trained, has his trampoline time on the pool cover ;-0!!   We are waiting for Uncle Dave and Aunty T before having I will post again tonight with our progress.....keep your fingers crossed!!!

Dinner Party Wars

So my judged dinner party is quickly approaching, This Saturday night!   I was planning on a Fall theme with butternut pumpkin soup served in hollowed out mini pumpkins , which I posted my mock up a while ago (click on the link to see post - if you missed it)   However, with the pumpkins gone and covered my 6cms of snow!!!!   I have switched to a Christmas, Winter Wonderland theme.  The only problem is I don't have any decorations up....and Ted is away in sunny AZ!!!   The girls and I are hoping to get started after school today and we have enlisted the help of Uncle Dave and Aunty Tanya to help pull this off!!!!! I will take before's and afters today....because I love seeing what has been accomplished!

Below is my inspiration for my NEW dinner party theme!!!

I have to run!  Taeya just called....her thermos exploded!!!   So she needs a new lunch brought up!!

I'll post before's after I pick up the girls!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Photo Sessions

Book Now....Family Photo Sessions....Just in time for Christmas Cards!

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