Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a Great Night!!!!

Well Well Well!!!   Did we have a blast.....   We sent Dad/Uncle Ted out so we had the house to ourselves!!!   The night started out with appies!  As per the menu I had calamari & tzatziki, Chips & Salsa, & Cheese, crackers, pickles & salami....we mingled and made our 'playlist' for the night!

 Next we moved onto dinner....and those of you who know me...know how much all these white carbs must have hurt me to serve...however, it was a night of fun!!!   Cheeseburgers and Fries, cheese tortellini with 4 cheese sauce, chow mien, fried rice, chicken strips, and garlic toast!!!!

 The Girls weren't into the ginger bread we went straight to our games round!!!!   Can't say Names,  Pictionary,  Outburst, Dance Party 2, Freeze Dance.....and last but certainly not least....Project Runway wedding dress designer ( which I wasn't planning on - but it is the girls favourite from our last sleepover....I'm glad I stocked up on paper products!!!)

We then moved on to Ice Cream Sundaes!!!  With sprinkles, chocolate sauce, & candied beads!

The girls could use a necklace each, a pair of shoes, toilet paper, paper towel, tape and flowers!   Too cute!   Elizabeth and Taeya designed....Megan and Paige modeled!

We headed to Karen and Brian's for Judging....hard call!!!   Then we headed to the media room to watch Eloise in NY!

This morning we started out with bacon & eggs...Which my amazing husband/father/& uncle made.....then we headed for a high heeled photo shoot....are you ready to see 4 teenagers?????   then....

Today for our advents - we had a day on the town!!!   We headed to BEADIFUL arts where the girls each got to make their own piece of jewellery, it was amazing, so much fun for a girls party, check them out!!   Elizabeth, Taeya, and Megan chose to make necklaces, and Paige chose a bracelet....unfortunately I didn't bring my camera, also Taeya decided to make hers for someone I couldn't post anyways!

We then headed to Original Joes for lunch before we 'browsed' the streets of downtown!

All In All an amazing couple days!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Taio Maio Sleepover

About two years ago Paige created the Taio Maio Cafe - in our basement.  She has hours that she sticks to and serves amazing food and drinks ;-)   We created a menu that she can hand out to all of her guests, and she also creates unique features almost daily.   Tonight as the girls advents I decided to have a sleepover complete with a restaurant, so they can order what they like....they can also help make if they so choose.  Tonight we will be making Ice cream Sundaes and decorating a gingerbread house!!!   I have also set up a round robin of games...Dance Dance Party, Apples to Apples, Name that tune.....etc!   Ted is getting sent out tonight so us girls have run of the house!!!

Here is what the girls opened this morning!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Heslop Family - Kelowna Family Photographer

Karen, Darren, Kirstyn, & Jak I had such a fun hour with your family...running from Cat to Cat!  Trying to put some 'girlyness' in Kirstyn's shoot....and capturing as much of the 'action' of Jak that I could ;-))!!

I love'd the scenery...and it really took me out of my 'element' I hope you love your shoot!  All the colour and fun in such a short time....what do I cut???

Here is your sneak peek!!   Thanks so much!

Sandhu Family - Kelowna Family Photographer

I had a great time with the Sandhu family... Savraj is a strong confident mother.  Munit (which in Indian means God's blessing) is a charismatic beautiful young lady.  And Finally Rajan, so full of life and mischief! ;-))   The sun would not tuck behind a single cloud so we ducked between trees and then headed to the boardwalk in search for some shade.

I love the way they turned out - Beautiful Family!!   Thank you!