Friday, October 28, 2011

Shayla's 23 B-day

For Shayla's 23rd Birthday we took her to Rustlers Rooste this is an awesome old western steak house...When you first arrive you are greeted by Horney the bull!!!  Then you walk up a narrow ramp that is built into the rocks, to the hostess stand, and when it is wet in AZ, which is very seldom...there is even water trickling down your pathway.   You slide into your table....the story behind the slide is that it is an authentic cowboy hideout ... so back in the day when intruders were coming to kill them, or steal their rustling (cows, chickens etc.) they would use the slide to escape, jump on their horses tied up outback and do their best to escape!

The view from Rustlers Rooste is absolutely looks over all of Phoenix!!  So here are a few photos of Shayla's 23rd B-day!!

Horney the Bull!!!   Their Greeter

Slide on in!!!

Rattlesnake anyone???

Shayla got a cowboy hat and bandana, for her B-day!

The biggest Eclair I have ever seen!

Fresh warm Cotton Candy is served complimentary with dessert, in an old tim can!!!!

A few stats about the amount of food served at Rustlers Rooste

89 tons of beeg
21,275 chickens
27,600 lbs of prok ribs
200,000 pounds if imported Idaho potatoes
3 tons of free-range rattlesnake!
8 tons of cowboy beans
2,500 Gallons of their very own BBQ sauce
36,766 Gallons of beer!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home Comfort!

I love this old stove dial!!!   They should bring it back!!   Electrolux...come on!!   Retro appliances!

                                                                                           @ Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizona

A Whole Lot of Rust!!!

Back Again....   Ted and I went back to Goldfield Ghost Town today.   We have Uncle Gord and Shayla in town, so we thought we would take them there and check it out.  It was the perfect temperature...OK maybe a little hot.  We did the train and Mine tour and we also checked out the Mystery Mansion....which was the coolest display of gravity I have every witnessed.  It is so hard to walk in it because the whole 'house' is built on a slant, that you have to walk through....but your mind plays the weirdest tricks on you!!!!   If you are ever in Arizona - check this out!!!!

So I was surrounded by rust....and was in heaven!   Hope you enjoy a few of my favourites!

Eat, Drink, Love, RINSE....Repeat

My sister has recently started up her blog Eat, Drink, Love, RINSE...Repeat.   It is about health and nutrition, and how she finds balance in this fast pace world!!

Check her out at


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Introducing Tyson

This is Tyson Francis Whitehouse, at 1 month old we had quite a blast ;-))   It started out that Tyson scratched himself and was bleeding right of the get go!  We shot off and on for two hours with some success!  Tyson was not a happy camper and as hard as mom tried he was rarely quite and calm...and just would not fall asleep.  The room was like a sauna ( so we could have him undressed), the camera and I got peed and pooped on.....but we ended up with some amazing photos!  Sorry though they will have to wait until next week when I can get to are a few sneak peeks though!

xoxo - I had a great time Thanks Andje, Jen, and Tyson