Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My hardest day!

This has been my hardest day....to loose someone so close and special!   RIP!!!!

The most amazing man I have ever know has 

gone to laugh with, enjoy, and entertain, 

everyone above. I miss you terribly, more then 

words can express. I can feel your heart with 

each heavy step! So many emotions bundled all 

in to one day.....You brought music for us to 

enjoy, entertainment to many and love to all!

I Love you Papa!

Brooklyn Watt's Grad!!

Brooklyn Watt graded last year...her mom blew up the typical headshot with the cap and gown....that neither of them thought was a good shot....so they wanted some images that captured Brook's personality and beauty...that they could both be proud of to hang on their wall!   Unfortunately Brook has been so busy with the start of nursing at college, that we have had to put the shoot off 4 times...so even though it was 1'C, pouring snow, and a dreary day we were getting these pictures ;-))   I love the way they turned out!  The bright fall colours in the backgrounds, snow flakes clinging to her hair and eyelashes!!

The colour is much more beautiful in the actual pictures...blogger and Facebook destroy a lot of colour and pixelate some of the photos pretty bad.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Not sure yet??

Not sure yet?  But at first glance this is my favourite!!!   I love the colour and look of Brook's eyes..with the bright blue bleachers...Snow falling in the background...and the cute little smirk ;-))

1st day of Snow!!!

Well winter has officially hit Kelowna, it snowed all day!   Of course because Brook and I had an outdoor grad shoot!...Regardless of the 1'C weather, wet slushy snow, and a bitter breeze we got some amazing photos...... Hopefully I will have a sneak peek later tonight...just making dinner, homework with the girls and then a ladies night Epicure party at Jes's!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


So the girls and I finally got around to our do-over disaster!!   Our 2nd time tie-dye turned out so cute!!   I had bought these giant clothes pins...because this is how I imagined this shot....and then ran across these pins at Michaels....I wanted only one shirt hung from the green ones!...   I love it!!!

Pallas Family

Tony, Jess, Ty and Ella, had a family fall photo shoot yesterday....We went way up to the top off Chute Lake Rd...on Tony's jogging trail!   We were hoping to get the lake in the background...but alas on the day of our planned photo shoot the fog rolled in!!!   Oh well, there may not be a lake in the background...but a beautiful happy family enjoying the last of the fall colours and the cold crisp air!!!