Friday, April 27, 2012

Sun City Cherries!

So Leah arrived yesterday to Kelowna for her spring dream wedding.... while it was raining harder then I have ever seen in the Okanagan, it was foggy, cold and blowing....   Leah & Ryan's wedding was in less then 48 hours and Kelowna was on flood warning!!

My response...."don't worry hunni, all this rain is just cleaning up the pollen, dust and dirt for your day!!... You will wake up tomorrow and the sun will be shinning, and the clouds will clear!"

Later that day....Ted let me know the forecast was sunny WITHOUT a chance of clouds....I said 'can't I have a few clouds?"    

....I get it.... I can't have it all...but here is hoping! ;-))

Another problem!... Leah planned a gorgeous vineyard wedding! ;-)....In April.... ;-((  To which I again had to be the bearer of bad news and let her know that there was not a single bud on the vines!

So I asked the owners of Sun City Cherries (which are in full beautiful bloom), if they could possibly come down and open up there gates so that we can get a few photos in the orchard.   They were more then accommodating!!

Thank you to Gordon & Sonja of Sun City Cherries.

I can't wait to post photos with the bridal party, here are a few of the trees in full bloom!