Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our White Party

We all got dressed in white, headed down to the beach with champagne and awaited on mom...who Taeya had cleverly tied up with beach combing!  Here are a few photos of us on the beach... for the ceremony!

Dad has invited us all here tonight to share a very special moment.
In the years they have been together as husband and wife, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured. 
When marriage vows are renewed, it is an announcement to the world and to each other that the love which was brought to your wedding day almost 30 years ago has grown deeper through those years.
Mom and Dad on your wedding day, you pledged your deepest love and commitment to each other. But a loving relationship does not exist in a vacuum. Your children, family and friends have helped you grow and supported you, as you know they will continue to love and support you.

Dad wishes to again take you to continue to be his partner in life, 
to give to you his unending love and devotion. 
to promise to be true to you and to cherish you, 
to share thoughts, hopes and dreams with you. 
To experience new adventures with you.

To thank you for the time you’ve had together,
And it is with hope, faith and joy that you look forward to continuing this journey. 
And with this renewal of vows, our love and commitment will grow ever stronger, 
As long as we both shall live.

Mom this ring is an outward symbol of Dads ongoing commitment to you.  Dad Repeat after me:

From this day on, I recommit myself to you and give you this ring as a symbol of my continued love and devotion.

May the love you two have celebrated here in the presence of your family, continue to grow in understanding, compassion, love and devotion.

It is with great joy that I now announce to all present that you truly are husband and wife, now and forever.

You may now seal your promises with a kiss.

Here are a few pictures of our night!!

I love how giddy mom looks in this photo!

Kelowna Wedding Photography

Mom's Renewal Ring!

My Dad surprised my Mom with a renewal ceremony after almost 35 years of marriage.  My moms good friend, Val and my Aunty Sue did some investigative work on their bike trip to get an idea of a ring she would want.  Dad bought this stunning 5 diamond band, which swept mom off her feet.   I combed the beach for a photo prop to fit with mom's love of the ocean!  The bottom band is my Dad's band...he had them tied together, captured in an old suede bag, wrapped in his shorts for the evening and tucked at the bottom of his bag, as they had already been at sea together on their boat for 9 days previous to the ceremony!  My Dad pulled out the ring just hours before to show it off to us!  Of course I panicked as this had been months worth of planning and secrecy!  However, Surprise!!!!

Kelowna Wedding Photography

Lemon Mint Water

Although I didn't plant or tend to my garden this year, my spearmint and lemon balm mint came back in full force!!  I do wish the basil had the same resistance to -35 'C.  Anyways although it is in full bloom...I'm sure my complete neglect has not helped this issue!..I grabbed enough for us to have a fresh pool side Lemon Mint Water!!!  So time I think I may add fresh ginger, so a little flare!  Or possibly some Raspberry Stoli ;-))

Kelowna Photography

More Garden Freshness

I combined all of my fresh veggies, with Carmelis goat cheese Feta...ummmm!!!, For dessert fresh Sun City Cherries, Lapins and Bings, I could eat them all day......

Kelowna Photography

Lynne's Granola Bars

This is Ted's favourite from the farmers market, little bars of delight.  Ted likes the white chocolate ones...I personally, am not a fan of chocolate, so I love the tartness of the cranberry.  Lynne's Granola Bars, is based out of Vernon, BC. And what better to wash it down with then a cold glass of frothy milk.

Kelowna Photography

Kelowna Farmer's Market

This morning after meetings, I headed to search for fresh produce for dinner tonight.  I have been so busy that I have not made it to the Kelowna Farmer's Market, a tradition the girls and I hit almost every Saturday!!  We would go through and all pick our favourites, Taeya would pick red plump beets, Paige would look for sweet baby ('cause they are small like me mommy') carrots and I would pick up onions, leeks, bok choy, and spinach...all the ingredients they girls don't like...if they know they are in a dish ;-))  Oh and the Basil...we did not plant our garden this year, so I did have my personal abundance of it, and I have to purchase it this I absolutely love it.

Then of course there are the peaches!!...However, they were all sold out today, I will try again next Saturday, I'm craving fresh peach pie.

There are always plenty of fresh farm flowers, that smell heavenly, I took a few photos, and I'm sorry I'm not sure of the vender so I will check next Saturday and update this give credit where it is due!

After I got home, I hauled out the rustic onion dryer that my MIL gave me, to show off all of my colourful purchases, placed my extremely fragrant basil in one of my chalk wine glasses from Pier1  note glasses, and then headed into to make a farm fresh salad for lunch.

Kelowna Photography
When Paige spotted the tutu, she couldn't wait to go dance in the field! Twirl in the sun, with her bathing suit on.  I love when she bent over to pick a was just to priceless!   Thank-you Aunty Jes for the beautiful tutu and all the fun!

Kelowna Children Photography

Ty in the Tutu!

Ty wanted to play with the new tutu too!  So Jes tied it on and he twirled around like a 'lirina'.  He is so full of fun and laughter, I loved having him for a few hours of fun with 'Aunty'.

Kelowna Children Photography