Saturday, January 14, 2012

Planning a Wedding is hard!!!

Planning a wedding is the first most difficult thing you will do as a couple....unless you have already bought a home and had a baby in the first year....that would be hard too ;-)).  However, It doesn't matter how small or big!!!    IT STILL are converging different ideas, dreams, tastes, opinions and persuasions!!!!

Know that this is a day that combines your dreams, and leads you into the next stage of will be much more beautiful and special if you both feel you had a say, your vision was heard and carried out in some way.   It is proven that men choose to have a bigger wedding...because....they have not exactly dreamed of what would happen this day, but knew that they would be surrounded by family and friends.., watching them take this HUGE step....also men feel more pressure from family (Mom) and friends ....that is OK just know that, that is proven  .......It is also a huge trend that women, now, want smaller more practical weddings so that so much $ and energy is not spent on one day in the whole scheme of life, and they get to concentrate on THE REST!   

You are both right in wanting what you want.....try and see it from the others point of view....and pick your battles ;-)))   

MOST IMPORTANTLY - THIS IS FOR BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!    Answer the questions to what YOU!!!!! feel, not what your parents, friends, siblings, or anyone else wants.....Just so you know they will not be offended in the long run.......and THEY are not part of YOUR marriage!!!!!!

This is an important indication of your you can see it from the others point of view and work together, to both be happy with your decisions in your day...more importantly in your LIFE TOGETHER!!!

Do what feels right, do what feels good, .....but most importantly do what works for BOTH of you!!!

If you are feeling this way about your wedding planning.....CALL ME......I will give you my solutions for planning and executing your dream wedding!

Simplicity Events & Photography!!!

Kelowna, BC Canada

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Parting Ways!

Hello All!!!

I have decided to split this blog into two!   My professional photography work involving clients, macro and landscapes will remain here!

However the details of my day to day life including food, love, travel and family will now be moved to

Thank you all so much for your patience with my growing pains!   I look forward to having you follow me there!,   Remember to check back here as well to see what Simplicity Photography & Events has been doing!

Thanks Heather

We're Home!

Well we are home safe, sound and very tanned ;-))   Ted headed straight to work and I started laundry and  went grocery shopping, even though we are extremely tired and sleep deprived....we know that it will be a very busy next couple of days with work and getting our home and routine back into order.

Thank you very much to Jes, Tony, Ty and Ella, for leaving this care pack on our step...knowing that we would be exhausted and would not have anything fresh!!   Thanks so much you guys!!!   Ty I love your sparkle paint designs on the box (sorry they don't show up in the pics!)

XOXO  Thanks to all of you who commented and enjoyed our beautiful Panama vacation!   It is back to reality for us ;-)))

Strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, lines, lemons, bananas, avocado, and tomatoes.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seeing Orange!

This orange little moth landed on our door before dinner!   I wish I had a tri-pod with me...the shot is a little burry ;-)  He is quite intriguing though isn't he?

Missing our Girls! Ready to be Homebound ;-))

Today we have decided we are ready to come home and jump back into reality!  Ready to cook and clean, and work again!!  And see our beauties!!  Today we decided to hide from this beautiful sun and live in the pool and the poolside beds today!!   Here are a few Pics of our day!!!