Sunday, July 22, 2012

Leah & Mike's wedded oasis!

This was such an enjoyable wedding to capture!!!   Placed in Sorrento, BC.   Leah and Mike got married amongst all of their friends and family, the flooded Shuswap lake in the background.  Their theme was so gorgeously natural, with burlap as their runners, potted pansy's, which one of Leah's brother had a very watchful eye, and green thumb on until just before the ceremony, and everything else was white;-)

The bride and groom had breakfast together after knowing that their families had woken up early to set up the they had nothing to worry about!   The bride Leah, broke down in tears when she let me know that I was already able to take pictures, because of this amazing feat completed prematurely by their families.

I loved the relaxed feeling of the whole day, they all got ready in the same spot....I love this one of a kind gorgeous gown......that had to be taken in the night before by a team of amazing Armstrong seamstresses!

Tree slices, sanded and branded acted as their personal parting gift to all, as coasters!  I loved that they also had larger slices for the flowers to sit on.....everything was perfect and so well thought out!!

A large white tent with mini lights glowed above, candles housed in wheat germ filed mason jars, added to the romance of the tables, that would turn into one of the most incredible outdoor dance floors!

Wait until you get a look at this girl......remember the girl from the Noxzema Adds (if you are a girl... you know who I'm talking about....the gorgeous, beautiful skinned girl with ringlette hair that would splash clod fresh water over her face in slow motion....promising us all THAT skin....>Well here she is ;-)))

Here is a sneak peek of this Gorgeous bride and her absolutely stunning day!!!

One of the most stunning dresses I have ever seen, hanging from a tree, with the sun glowing thou!!


So Cute!!

Dad already fighting back the tears....

This was truly one of the most precious moments....the bride started to tear up and instead of the groom doing the 'traditional' thing of standing in place, he grabbed ahold of his gorgeous wife to be....and walked her to the isle ;-)))

Leah and Mike....I'm sure you know what this photo is from ;-)))))

As Leah said her vows....a single tear rolled down her cheek.....I'm so glad I captured this moment.....looking up at her man, totally admired in love & trust!!!

Such a stunning bouquet, by a florist in Armstrong.

The bride mingling ;-))))